Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why do some mothers commit the unthinkable act of maternal filicide?

Disclaimer: This blog contains very touchy material and if you are sensitive to the subject I would advise you to back away now. Thank you.

The term maternal filicide means that the mother or father of a child knowing killing his/her child. This horrible crime is usually committed by a parent that are seriously disturbed of has a mental disorder such as depression. And this might sound like something straight out of a horror movie but it really does happen and for multiple reasons. One of these is that the mother rationalizes the killing is what the child wants. Another that she is mentally ill or to get back at the husband. Now its one thing to read about it but it's another to know about it. October 19th 2005, 23 year old Lashaun Harris throws her 3 kids in to he SAN Franchisco bay because she claims to hear voices in her head.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Holocaust survivor: the search of faith comparison to Book of Job

The two stories have religious similarities, this is shown by how the people veiwed God during horrible time. In the Holocaust story, the Jews suffered physical pain. For example the prisoners were gased to death, shot to death and even burned to death. The samething happened in The Book of Job except Job's torture was mental. This is beasuse that God killed is family and his animals to see if he would remain faithful. The end results was the same in that neither the Jews or Job lost faith after being tortured beyond imagination. This may also show that the people back than did not relize that God was capable of such terrible deeds. This is because if they did, the two would probably have turned against God. But another possibility is that they did relize the cruelty of God but saw it as worth the blessings.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Book of Job comparison with other Old Testament stories

I think that God, through out the entire Old Testament, is characterized as a cruel and unforgiving person. This can be inferred because of the multiple instances where God commits terrible deeds just to see if someone is loyal. An example of Gods cruel personality is the Book of Job where God is put in a dilemma that Job is only worshiping God because of the blessings God gave him. So God decides to test this by torturing Job and seeing if he will curse God. So God kills Jobs entire family, all of his animals which takes a toll on Job, but he never loses faith. This shows that God is, for one thing cruel, but also not all-knowing. This is because if God was all-knowing he would know the answer to that question before he even asked it. Another instance includes the story of The Tower of Babel. In it, it talks about how God destroys Tower of Babel. This is because God veiwed this as a dementration of humans having as much power or even more power then God. This convinced him to destroy the tower and scatter the human race, maybe even out of fear.

Friday, September 30, 2016

High school

I'm half the marking period in to school and looking back at the first month a thought came to mind. It was a pain in the ass! The school is two stories tall and almost all of my classes are on the opposite side of it. I had to ,and still have to, sprint to every class just to make it on time. But until other than that it was fun. We were given a lot of freedom s such as a school IPad. We also got to leave school grounds for lunch and free periods. I also relize that this was completely different from the middle school. The middle school had us basically chained by the angle to the desk and we had no freedom what so ever. So besides the sprinting part, I'm start to love high school.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Genesis 6 - 9 reflection

Disclaimer: The following is only meant to be a school assignment and not meant to insult anybody or there religion. Thank you.

Today I have read Genisis 6-9 from the Bible and and I was very surprised. It depicted God as cruel and unforgiving. For example God becomes angry at mankind for being evil to each other. But instead of giving guidance, he decides to kill everyone on Earth with a 40 day flood. This seems very rash and harsh because we don't know the origin of the evil but the flood killed everyone in the world. This is evident because God said," “I have determined to make an end of all flesh; for the earth is filled with violence through them; behold, I will destroy them with the earth.​
” So someone could have been worshiping God when all of a sudden he is killed by the flood because of Gods choice to kill indiscriminately. My interpretation is God can sometimes help man (helping Noah) but can also harm them (the flood.)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Who's to blame #1

Disclaimer: This content may offend your religious beliefs and if I do I apologize. This is meant to be a class assignment. Thank you.

In regards with the story of Adam and Eve I think that it is God's fault that the two ate the fruit of Knowledge. This is because of the fact that it was even there in the first place. If God did not want them to eat it he should have removed it or not even created it in the first place. Now some people might blame the snake for tricking Eve into eating the apple, but if God is all knowing, he should have known that it would do that. And some might say that the snake was a test to see if the two were trustworthy, but again if God is all knowing he should know if they are trustworthy or not. And it was definitely not Adam or Eve's fault because Adam wasn't even there when Eve talked to the snake and it wasn't Eve's fault either because she was tricked by the snake. So it all boils down to one person, God, he was the only one in the entire story who had control over literally everything but CHOOSES to let them all (including the snake) run there own course. So that's my side, if you agree or disagree comment down below. See ya next time.